Maddi's Friesian Ranch supports the American Cancer Society

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Our ‘hoe down’ raised over $8500 in 2007. All of the expenses were borne by us, so every dollar donated went directly to the ACS. Our very generous friends and neighbors made the event a huge success thru volunteering their time and their donations.

The day started with some toe tapping music while friends and neighbors toured the ranch and visited with the horses. Of course our baby Friesian, Raine, was the belle of the ball. Amanda Olson-Barr, of Mandolin Dressage, and her beautiful Friesian, Azul, had the crowd enthralled when they performed for us. Dr. Larry Heifitz, from Tahoe Forest Hospital’s Cancer Program spoke about Cancer research and programs. Our purpose really hit home when Ron Broach, a young father recently diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma, thanked everyone for their participation.

A full on bbq was enjoyed by everyone along with more dancing with music by the local favorite, unbelievable Blues Monsters. A full day of fun and fellowship… Yes, I believe this is what life is all about!

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Maddi's Friesian Ranch supports the American Cancer Society and Between Horses and Humans (Click for info)