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Leonard MFR


4 year old Friesian stallion

Doaitsen 420 Sport x Tsjerk 328

Dam: Lisette

Gregory MFR



5 year old Friesian stallion

Tsjalle 454 x Rindert 406

Dam: Nynke R S

Reserve Champion IBOP stallion with a high 77.5! Gregory is a strong, healthy 4 year old stallion. Five months of dressage training under his belt. A very intelligent and easy stallion.

Ryker MFR



2 year old Friesian stallion

Andries 415 Sport x Brend 413

Dam: Oedske-Model Mare

Ryker's dam is a very rare MODEL MARE! Two of her offspring were taken to a keuring as an adult and they both made ster. Ryker has great conformation and movement. All of our foals are easy to handle, lead, and pick up their feet.

Jonas MFR



Tjalbert 460 x Folkert 353

Dam: Elysee

Aiden MFR



7.5 year old Friesian stallion

Haike 482 x Wimer 461

Dam: Marieke

Aiden MFR is a natural dressage horse. He received a very high 73.4 in a materials class in dressage!He is very quick to learn and easy to work with. Aiden has a unique bloodline.
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